How much do I pay up front to secure our date?
-$275. That’s it. For every wedding large or small. I know that you are paying a ton of deposits right now and I want to keep it simple and affordable.

How would you describe your style?
-I like to keep it real- real colors, real emotions. I don't like following photography trends because I don't think those photos will stand the test of time (remember Sepia and selective color)? I edit closely to film colors that are vibrant, romantic, and don't look like filters. 

When will I get my pictures back?
-For weddings, industry standard is 6-8 weeks, but I think that's way too long! I try my best to get your photos back to you before your one month anniversary, and will let you know asap if it will be any longer. Other portrait sessions will take about 2 weeks. 

What happens if you are unable to make it to my wedding?
-Unless I have the actual plague or something tragic has happened, I will be there! If I absolutely cannot make it, my second photographer will take over or I have about 7-10 photographers who I trust that are ready to take over immediately. I would still be the one editing and delivering the photos.

Questions & Answers

This is a good time to grab a coffee or a lap dog. Lots of info!

Can you photoshop that out?
-Probably not! I will always clean up client skin or something easy from the background, but I'm not a Photoshop wizard. If there's something you want Photoshopped that is beyond my ability, I can outsource it at Wholesale cost.

Do I get all the photos?
-I spend a lot of time culling your images and I promise I'm not leaving out any good ones!

Do you provide a USB?
-I don't include a USB in any of my packages anymore, but you can add one on for $50.

Can we meet in person beforehand?
-Sure! If you're a face-to-face kinda person, I will absolutely meet up with you. I have found that most times, Facetime or a phone call work great too. An engagement shoot is also the perfect opportunity to get to know each other before your wedding. 

Will you come see the venue beforehand?
-I'm completely comfortable shooting in all scenarios! If you're at a venue I'm unfamiliar with, I might arrive a little early to your wedding to scope things out (you're not charged for this)

What gear do you use?
-I have 2 Nikon D750's and a bunch of amazing lenses and flashes. I have a backup for everything!

Can you recreate this shot I found on Pinterest?
-I love Pinterest! It is a fantastic resource for inspiration and I would love to see some of your inspiration boards. For me, the more communication we have beforehand about expectations, the happier you will be with your photos. I never try to copy what’s on Pinterest, but I love having a general idea of the types of photos you love and don’t and I will tell you if something just won’t work. For example, good lighting is everything! Sometimes a gorgeous backdrop just won’t work if we’re shooting midday or the shadows on your face are too harsh. Sometimes a particular pose won’t work. That’s totally fine! The day is unique to you and, oftentimes, it’s the unexpected photos that end up being favorites.

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