Caitlin + Kyle | Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding

Caitlin + Kyle | Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding

I met Caitlin & Kyle over coffee when Pokemon Go was still a thing and I instantly knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer. I loved their effortless love for each other and vision for a wedding that managed to be both ultra classy and completely down-to-earth.

Everything about the day could have come from an Audrey Hepburn movie. I love Highlands Ranch Mansion, the florals were on point (Lehrer’s Flowers), they served a delicious brunch (who doesn’t love brunch??), and their reception was a garden party on the lawn. Any bride who plays beer pong on their wedding day is a personal hero of mine 😉 Plus, she surprised him with ride in a classic Rolls Royce at the end of their reception! #keeper


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