Dillon Colorado Photographer

Autumn + Brian | Dillon Colorado Photographer | Ice Castles

Autumn + Brian | Dillon Colorado Photographer | Ice Castles


Mountains. Super rad couple. Ice.


I was lucky enough this year to do a private shoot at the Ice Castles, so I called up my friend Cara to shoot with me. Our other photographer friend, Autumn, agreed to model for us with her husband, Brian, and it turned into the perfect afternoon. We made the bouquet ourselves, explored the castle like children, and only slipped a couple times.

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  1. Adena says:

    These are unbelievable! And he even got to sit on an ice throne? Gorgeous!

  2. kya says:

    GOD these are just absolutely stunning! I really love the ice castles, they are such a magical backdrop for this couple.


  3. Sarah says:

    You totally crushed this session! These photos are amazing holy moly!

  4. virginia says:

    The ice castles in Colorado are so cool and these photos are superb!

  5. Danica says:

    Wow what an ideal location! Just gorgeous all around.

  6. Belinda says:

    Those are so fabulous! Ahh I love them.

  7. Bianca says:

    These are gorgeous!! Nice job on the bouquet too ladies!!

  8. Valeria says:

    Wow, these are crazy pretty! Beautiful work, location, and models!

  9. Jamie Kraus says:

    OMG, they’re so pretty! I love these photos!

  10. Haley says:

    I absolutely LOVE this Dillon Ice castle shoot Kelly! What a gorgeous spot & amazing couple’s images! It was so packed when we were there Im jelly you got to have the place to yourselves!

  11. Savannah says:

    The Ice Castles are so dreamy! I’m so glad that they came back to Colorado. Beautiful portraits.


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